The Magic of Summer

Every year, kids look forward to summer for many reasons — school is out, the weather is nice, maybe the family takes trips to special places.  For many kids, Summer Camp is one of the highlights of the whole year!  A Sleepaway Camp brings kids together from all over in a natural setting filled with fun and adventure.  Whether one prefers to exercise their creativity through arts & crafts, the high-adrenaline thrill of a high ropes course, or a mellow afternoon fishing at the lake, Summer Camp has it all packed into one amazing week… or more if they choose! 

What makes a Sleepaway Camp such an unforgettable experience for kids that they will continue to look back on their experience and remember “those great times” from their youth, even into old age?  It’s not just the adventure and activity, but also the small experiences that leave a lasting impression.  Some people talk about their time as kids at camp and remember how it felt the first time they tried archery.  It is pretty difficult at first, but with a little bit of patience and guidance it can be a very satisfying activity!  Many kids grow up in areas where street lights and city buildings cause so much light pollution that the stars are not visible, and when they get to the wilderness and look up at night they are amazed to see just how much is up there and visible every night!  Or maybe that first time they get a marshmallow roasted to a perfect golden-brown at the campfire.  These are some of the most memorable moments that can continue to stir warm feelings throughout life, and they are part of everyday life at Summer Camp!

At Camp Wasewagan, we believe in the importance of these “small” experiences just as much as the high-energy activities that we provide.  They actually turn out to be not-so-small after all — they come to define a special time in life that is always welcome to be brought to light and re-experienced.  That is part of the magic of a Sleepaway Camp, and that is part of why the camp experience is such a big deal for so many people no matter how old they are!  

We hope you’ll consider Camp Wasewagan for your child’s next big adventure in Summer 2020!  Registration is open and there is still time to take advantage of our discounts, so head over to our Discounts page for information on these great deals and we’ll see you at the campfire!

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