Summer Camp Discounts

At Camp Wasewagan, we love working with our families to ensure their child gets to experience the magic of summer camp.
Below is a list of the different discounts we offer. For questions, please contact us directly.
**Discounts cannot be combined**

Sibling Discount       
o  5% OFF for any additional sibling that signs up
o  Available all the way through summer
o  No limit
o  First child full price

Referral Program          
o  10% OFF referring camper’s tuition for each NEW camper that signs up
o  10% OFF for each NEW camper that signs up that is referred.
o  NEW campers can be referred by either new or returning campers
o  Limit 5 referrals (up to 50% off for referring campers) per camper (new & returning)
o  All balances MUST be paid on or before earliest camper’s stay at camp
o  Applicable to any session.
o  Campers do not have to attend camp at the same time
o  Must be at least 1-week stay
***Referrals will be documented at check in and paid out by check before the end of summer. You will not receive a refund at camp check in due to book keeping requirements in the office.


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