Summer Camp 2020!

Happy New Year from Camp Wasewagan!  Winter weather is still here but we are already getting excited about Summer Camp sessions for 2020 and we are pleased to announce special discounts for this year’s Summer Camp sessions.  

Referral Program We want to show our appreciation to campers who refer others to our Summer Camp sessions by offering a 10% discount to the referring party per new camper that signs up through their referrals (up to 5 referrals).  This means that if 5 new campers who have never been to Wasewagan Summer Camp sessions sign up for any of our camp sessions, the camper who referred those campers gets 50% off any session!  Each new camper who is referred also receives 10% off of their tuition.  New campers may be referred either by new or returning campers and the Referral Program is applicable to any session.  

Leap Year Special — This year Camp Wasewagan is offering a 10% discount on our First Summer Camp session (June 14th — June 27th).  To take advantage of this discount all that is needed is a $500 minimum deposit!  This offer ends 2/29/20

Early Bird Special  We are offering $100 off any 1 week of camp or $200 off any 2 weeks of camp when the tuition is paid in full by 3/1/2020.  This offer ends 3/1/20

Sibling Discount  5% off tuition for any additional sibling that signs up for any Summer Camp session.  There is no limit to the number of siblings being discounted, but the first child is full price.

*These discounts may not be combined, so please give us a all for further details on which discount works best for you.  At Camp Wasewagan we take pride in our customer service and we look forward to working with campers to help them find the best way to make their experience a great one!  

In the meantime, Wasewagan On The River has a few weekends open for Weddings or Group Retreats throughout the late Winter and Spring.  Are you considering a retreat for a school, scout, or church group?  Or perhaps you are looking for the perfect Traditional Camp setting for your Woodsy Wedding?  Camp Wasewagan is fully equipped to lodge, feed, and entertain large groups!  Dates available this season include:

February 21 - 23  |  March 13 - 15  |  April 3 - 5

Head on over to our Discounts page for more details on these Summer Camp specials that we are currently offering.  We can’t wait to see you for another amazing Summer at Camp Wasewagan!

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