Woodsy Weddings are a unique way to celebrate marriage in a camp setting!

The breeze whispers through the forest, carrying the aroma of pine and cedar across the altar as the vows are spoken. The beautiful San Bernardino National Forest bears witness to an age-old ritual as two people are joined in marriage. The evening is filled with festivities in the forest as the Santa Ana River rushes by, providing a peaceful soundscape through the night. If this enchanting scene sounds like your idea of a perfect wedding, then you might consider making yours a Woodsy Wedding.  

Perhaps you are not the type to have a “traditional” ceremony in a chapel, temple, church, etc. Maybe the forest is your temple, as it is Mother Nature’s pure creation. Many people feel deeply connected with nature and could only see it as the most fitting venue for a ceremony of new beginnings. Camp Weddings give a couple the opportunity to retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life and celebrate their commitment to each other in the arms of Mother Nature. Woodsy Weddings may be considered some type of trend, but in fact they are probably the oldest location of such ceremonies.  

There are many reasons for a couple to choose nature as the venue for their wedding. Perhaps they got engaged somewhere in nature, or maybe nature has always spoken to them and they can’t help but be drawn to the outdoors for their landmark day. Many people desire the rustic feel of a Camp Wedding, where the guests are put up in the bunkhouses among the towering trees. Traditional Camps commonly hold their events in a recreation hall, which is perfect for hosting the wedding reception that can go on throughout the night. Don’t be misled by the idea of a rustic Woodsy Wedding, though, and think that this means the guests must be uncomfortable and forced to “rough it”. Venues chosen for Camp Weddings will have heated cabins and bathroom facilities, so forget the ideas of traditional camp toilets and other facilities!  

Locations such as Southern California have the perfect environment for hosting your Woodsy Wedding, so look for camps that have a history of hosting weddings and reserve your dates for this monumental day.

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