Why Choose A Woodsy Wedding?

What makes a Woodsy Wedding such a popular choice for couples who want a unique wedding? Is it the serenity of mother nature, with the trees and birds bearing witness to this time-honored tradition alongside the guests? Is it the fresh air and the sounds of a babbling river that mingle with the laughter of friends and family? Or perhaps it’s the dancing beneath the open skies and twinkling stars in the heavens? It’s all of this—and more!

A Woodsy Wedding hosted by a traditional camp is a perfect way to celebrate marriage in a rustic setting. In the camp setting, there is plenty of space for a quiet stroll through the forest or a mountain biking adventure on the trail! A traditional camp is fully equipped for outdoor activities, providing a wide variety of choices of games and outdoor playtime. From indoor table games to basketball, archery, and more, the Woodsy Wedding continues to inspire many couples to step out of the box and exchange vows in the great outdoors!

Just because the Woodsy Wedding is in a rustic setting, however, doesn’t mean that everyone sleeps on the ground or in a tent! Bunkhouses and guest cabins provide options for those who stay, as camp weddings commonly last throughout a weekend. This provides more time for family and friends traveling from a distance to get more quality time with each other and can help relieve pressure of having to squeeze in all of the visiting within a few hours. Relaxing and unwinding is what the camp setting is all about, and at a Woodsy Wedding you can be sure that guests will return home refreshed and feeling great!

At Camp Wasewagan, we appreciate the opportunity to host these wonderful events and look forward to working with our guests to host the perfect wedding! For more information on booking Wasewagan On The River for your Woodsy Wedding, visit our Weddings page and have a look around. Also feel free to call and discuss options and availability. See you at the campfire!

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