Wasewagan's Response to COVID-19

As a camp, we are making sure that we are doing everything in our power to keep our staff, guest & community safe and healthy.


We are taking the following preventative measures to ensure we stay ahead of COVID-19:


-       Disinfecting hard surfaces (handles, table-tops, doorknobs, etc.) multiple times throughout the day.

-       Limiting the number of people at dining tables.

-       Providing each cabin with their own disinfecting solution to use as often as guests see fit.

-       HIGHLY RECOMMENDING that all guests sleep head-to-toe to create more distance.

-       Spreading out our groups by providing the use of more cabins.

-       Providing each bathroom with disinfecting spray.

-       Putting out metal tongs to get creamers for coffee to lower the amount of direct contact.

-       We will be checking all guest’s temperature upon arrival by using a laser temperature thermometer.

-       Limiting the number of guests per cabin to make sure to spread everyone out.

Also to ensure our guests safety, we will not be offering our standard freebies (Nacho Bar & Salad Bar). For all meals, there will be a prepared salad that guests are welcome to enjoy. Fresh fruit will still be available but will not be kept out for anyone to grab. Please ask our staff and they will get the fruit for you. The same is going for our cereal. All guests will be given disposable plates and silverware that will get thrown away when they are done eating. If you or anyone around you has been sick 2 weeks prior to your scheduled weekend, we are asking for you to contact your group organizer or our office about how to proceed. While we are not taking any drastic measures, we are making sure to do everything in our power to keep our guests, staff and community safe. Come spend a refreshing weekend away from all the craziness and enjoy the outdoors and fresh mountain air.

Please contact our office with any questions. (805) 498-5572.

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