Summer May Be Over, But It's Not Too Late to Gear Up For Our Fall, Winter, & Spring Seasons!

Wasewagan has officially wrapped Summer Camp 2019. With some new staff, changes to online registration and a brand new website, we hoped these changes would make the experience more seamless for campers and their families. We want to hear your feedback, so please leave us a note on our Contact Page, or simply call us to voice concerns or discuss what parts of Camp we nailed this year. There are more planned changes coming soon to make booking, buying and reserving weekends a much easier experience. For now, let's turn our attention to the seasons which don't feature our Overnight Summer Camp and instead highlight family events and gatherings.

For decades, Camp Wasewagan on the River has been a fixture Traditional Camp in Southern California. With such a long history of getting people outdoors and active while also educating our campers, Wasewagan knows how to accommodate and entertain groups of all backgrounds. School Retreats and Girls Scout Retreats at Wasewagan are packed full of activities and opportunities for growth and development! There are also plenty of weekend opportunities for Church Groups and religious community getaways.

Camp Wasewagan is proud to be a host to Girl Scout Retreats in Southern California as well for those troops still searching for their next adventure. Through an outdoor camp experience, scouts have a unique chance to make friends, learn valuable life skills, gain leadership experience, and learn values that make them excellent citizens. When children are encouraged to learn skills like canoeing, archery, and other Traditional Camp skills, their self-confidence grows and they gain a strong sense of accomplishment and empowerment. Many scientists, business leaders, industry innovators, educators, and professionals of all kinds began with skills and lessons learned from scout camp. Teamwork activities such as the high ropes course challenge girls to overcome obstacles beyond the fear of heights. They learn how to face challenges in a practical and level way,  setting the stage for major development of character. They also learn the value of helping others through encouragement and support. A Boy or Girl Scout Retreat is a unique way to give girls these kinds of life experiences and Camp Wasewagan is ready to accommodate small or large groups of scouts!

At Camp Wasewagan, there are many ways to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. Mountain biking, a climbing wall, fishing, and hiking are just a few activities that are available for groups such as a School Retreat. When it’s time to get them out of the classroom to shake up the daily routine, a camp setting provides an excellent opportunity for kids and young adults to bond and refresh their minds. Students have no lack of energy, and through group activities and team games they can put their competitive spirit on full display. Camp Wasewagan can accommodate a School Retreat with many games and activities to keep the students entertained and away from an electronic screen, whether indoors or outdoors. Activities include basketball, beach volleyball, and an assortment of table games in the recreation hall. For an additional fee, a School Retreat can include swimming, archery, fencing, arts & crafts, high ropes course, and marksmanship!  

Whether you are looking for a retreat in the Autumn, Winter, Spring, or Summer, visit our Group Retreat page for more information on how to reserve Camp Wasewagan for your next group adventure! 

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