Traditional Group Camp at Wasewagan!

Wasewagan has been serving Sothern California for decades and is the premiere sleepaway camp located near Big Bear. We announced recently that our famous Summer Camp for 2023 is being put on hold, but don't worry we still have so many fun offerings for those looking to bring their kids to Wasewagan for a Summer of fun. All of the adventures you have come to know and love from us are still available such as, archery, paintball, swimming, fencing, mountain biking, climbing on our traverse wall and so much more. This new change to Wasewagan seems large, but families can still join us for small private Summer Camp like experiences. If you want to book this type of retreat for a family reunion, school group, church group or something similar, the pricing is as follows:

- $42 Per Person Per Day/Night

- $18 Per Person Per Breakfast

- $18 Per Person Per Lunch

- $22 Per Person Per Dinner

- Upgraded Meals Available for $38 – $43                    

*Per Person Per Meal

*Meals are Served Buffet Style / All You Can Eat!

Let's say you are looking to bring a huge group with you to a retreat at Wasewagan and not just a small family group, how big is our camp? We have 13 separate cabins with bunk beds that accommodate 2-22 guest. Our total capacity is 175 guests. What if no kids are involved at all? We also offer corporate and adult retreats here at our camp in Southern California for those looking to escape to nature while still staying in cabins and enjoying the nostalgic camper experience. Many of our visitors have been introduced to us through a friend's wedding and come to find our camp to be a blast even for adults with things like cornhole toss, our full game room, Basketball, Beach Volleyball and amazingly beautiful nature hikes.

If you are having memories of disgusting summer camp food while reading this, not to worry! Our staff prides itself on exceptional service and our cooks provide the best food of any camp in Southern California. Generous portions and cuisine people actually enjoy eating. You may even catch our very own founder "Crazzy" Craig on the grill serving up amazing options while wearing one of his hilarious aprons! When you visit Wasewagan for either a business group retreat, a family reunion or something even smaller like just a family vacation, you can be rest assured that you won't regret your stay. We treat all guests like family and ensure everyone has the time of their life. Afterall, most people go to sleepaway camps for the amazing experiences to build strong memories. Come visit our amazing camp and find out why so many of our campers are loyal die-hards well into their adulthood!

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