The Perfect Venue for Commercial & Film Shoots

Commercial and film production in a campground setting can offer a unique and natural backdrop for various types of projects. Whether it's for commercials, TV shows, or movies, a campground setting provides a picturesque and versatile environment. Wasewagan has been the support for projects looking to add a sense of realism to their content. Here are some considerations and potential benefits for commercial and film production at Wasewagan campgrounds:

1. Scenic and Natural Beauty: Our campgrounds are in the San Bernadino mountains with natural landscapes, such as forests, mountains and rivers. The natural beauty of the grounds and surrounding area can add depth and beauty to the visuals of your production, creating a visually appealing backdrop.

2. Versatility: Our campground offers diverse a location within a relatively compact area. You can find open fields, wooded areas, waterfronts, trails, and campsite setups, allowing for a range of scenes and scenarios without the need for extensive travel.

3. Accessibility: At Wasewagan our campground is easily accessible, making it convenient for production crews to transport equipment and set up their base camp. Why not use our lodge for production overflow and a great place to settle in for meal breaks.

4. Cost-Effectiveness: Renting a campground for production purposes can be more cost-effective compared to building elaborate sets or securing permits for specific locations. Campgrounds are already designed for outdoor activities and we have facilities like picnic areas, fire pits, and trails that can be utilized without additional construction costs.

5. Amenities and Infrastructure: We provide amenities such as restrooms, parking areas, and electricity hookups. These can be valuable for production needs, facilitating the use of lighting, equipment charging, and catering services.

6. Realism and Authenticity: If your project requires a storyline or visuals associated with camping, a campground setting can provide an authentic and realistic backdrop. It can enhance the overall believability of the production, creating a more immersive experience for viewers.

7. Minimal Disturbance: Our campground is designed to accommodate visitors without disrupting the natural environment. As such, filming at Wasewagan will allow you to shoot consistently without the sound of cars, lawnmowers or other pesky sounds stopping production.

When planning commercial and film production in a campground setting, it's essential to communicate and collaborate with campground management or owners. If you have any questions if Wasewagan campgrounds is right for your production contact owner and executive director, Crazzy Craig, at (310) 702-5572 for more Specific Information, Questions, and to set up a Personal Tour of our Wonderful Site.

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