Summer Sessions 3 and 4

Well, it sure has been a strange year so far! At Camp Wasewagan, we have been working hard to roll with the punches and stay on track to providing our campers with a great Summer Camp experience. We still have open enrollment for our 3rd and 4th Summer sessions, which run through July and into August. For a run-down about what we are doing differently this year to accommodate public health and safety concerns, please review our last blog post!

For those who have never attended a Summer Camp, they may be wondering what it is that draws thousands of campers from their homes, year after year, to sleep in bunkhouses and run around in the woods. There are countless reasons that Summer Camp has such a unique draw: time spent with new friends, outdoor adventure, games, and activities — the list can go on for days! There are many benefits to be had from time spent outdoors, especially for kids growing up in an increasingly digital world. Not to say that technology is bad, but taking a break from the screens and unplugging from the day-to-day lifestyle of the modern world can do wonders for kids’ growth and attitudes towards life.

At a Traditional Summer Camp, kids find a combination of structured activities and unstructured time to explore and have fun. Many studies have shown unstructured playtime to be a huge benefit to kid’s psychology and growth and the camp setting provides a great place for it! Summer Camp days are filled with hiking, paddling, swimming, mountain biking, and so much more that there isn’t any room for boredom. Through structured games like the Ultimate Color Challenge and the Scavenger Hunt, kids have a chance to build teamwork and have a lot of fun while solving puzzles and engaging their creativity.

From the game room and cafeteria to the water and sunshine, Camp Wasewagan has been providing the picturesque Traditional Sleepaway Camp experience to kids and adults for decades and we continue working hard to keep the tradition going! Summer Camp sessions 3 and 4 are open for enrollment, so call us today and find out our availability throughout the remainder of the summer. We look forward to continuing our tradition of fun in the outdoors and we’ll see you soon!

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