Nature's Benefits

There is no denying that modern life is a fast-paced existence, bringing us many benefits as well as troubles.  As time passes and one generation gives way to the next, we begin to see the resulting effects that previously didn’t exist.  For kids, the information age has brought on various conditions that the previous generations cannot relate to, such as growing up connected to social media.  The pressures of social life and today’s world at large have led to a young generation with high anxiety.  Fortunately, we have had a remedy for anxiety and stress among us the whole time — nature!

Spending time in nature was once an inseparable part of human existence, but in today’s world it is often considered a luxury.  The truth is, even being among trees in a city park can be beneficial to one’s mood and stress levels.  Decades of scientific research in Japan has shown that walking in a forest can reduce stress levels, improve your mood, promote creativity, and reduce blood pressure (among other benefits).  The mindful practice of Forest Bathing — known as Shinrin Yoku in Japan — has tremendous benefits for people’s wellbeing and for children it can make a huge positive impact in their lives.  What’s all this have to do with Camp Wasewagan, you might ask?  That’s simple… time in the outdoors is our specialty!

During our Summer Camp sessions, kids spend their days away from screens and immersed in games and outdoor activity.  One of the many activities we offer are nature walks, which involve discussions about ecology and encourages kids’ curiosity about the natural world.  Many children who grow up in cities have never had the chance to lie on their bellies in the dirt, peering down into the creek and identifying the little critters in the water.  The smells of the trees, the physical contact with the dirt and grass, the sounds of the moving water — these are nature’s remedies for stress and anxiety.  All it takes is slowing down to notice.  

During a Summer of canoeing, mountain biking, hiking, and being immersed in a Traditional Camp setting, kids come away revitalized and refreshed.  They practice a number of skills and activities that may not have ever been available to them before.  Just as important, they come away with new friends that they likely would not have met anywhere else.  For nearly a century, kids and adults of all ages have come to Camp Wasewagan to experience the Traditional Camp life.  Visit our Summer page to see available dates for Summer 2020!

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