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It’s amazing to think that Summer Camp 2018 has come to a close after all the fun we had. Our amazing staff was disappointed the season has ended already and are planning for next year. Hopefully our newest guests join us again in 2019 as we plan for another memorable Summer Camp. For now, let’s turn our attention to autumn and winter where Wasewagan plays host to Girl Scout Weekends, Boy Scout Retreats, Group Retreats, Weddings and even Family Reunions!

As we mentioned last blog, Wasewagan uses its non-Summer Camp months to host a variety of different groups from schools and churches to weddings and reunions. These Group Retreats feature the same memorable adventures that we offer at Summer Camp, but with added field trips and activities tailored to the group’s demographic. These activities can range from hiking, biking and fishing to outdoor weddings with a live band; the fun is limitless. Join us for some more mature nature relaxation type activities or relive our ‘child-at-heart’ overnight camp activities for a touch of nostalgia. Moreover, with December right around the corner, snow will soon be blanketing the forests and mountains up here at Wasewagan. That snow brings with it so many new activities for the family to enjoy.

...Or Scout Retreat!

There has been several groups who have contacted us to reserve weekends and the remaining spots are filling up fast. Just as we did with the previous blog we will post the weekends that are still open, but the best way to check is by calling us.

Here are the weekend dates for Group Retreats and Boy/Girl Scout Weekends:

August 10-12

October 5-7

October 19-21

October 26-28

We want to thank everyone who joined us for Sumer Camp 2018 at Wasewagan on the River. It is our hope that everyone who joined us enjoyed themselves, made lasting memories and intends to make it an annual tradition. It’s never too late to begin thinking about next year!

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