Gather 'Round The Fire - Autumn & Winter Church Retreats

With Autumn approaching, the weather is changing and the evenings are getting cooler.  Chilly nights in the woods make the perfect setting for a campfire, and what could be a more picturesque scene at a Traditional Camp than s’mores and storytelling around the campfire?  Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of human pass-time. In ancient times it was how knowledge and wisdom were passed along from generation to generation, as well as from region to region.  Time spent around the campfire can be a social time for a group or a time of reflection and contemplation for an individual.  Historians point to the human development of controlling fire as a turning point when the day was extended and people had time to be creative and develop the imagination.  The feeling of enchantment when gazing into a fire; the trees rustling with an evening breeze; the silence between conversation; the call of an owl through the darkness.  There is hardly a more ideal setting for sharing a joke with a friend or pondering the mysteries of the universe.  

Church Retreats can be a very impressionable experience on a person as they grow in their faith and practice, whatever that faith and practice may be.  To retreat from the noise and bustle of city life and enter into the sanctuary of Mother Nature is a big shift, and it has been a time-honored tradition that someone seeking space for reflection retreats to the wilderness.  Although Camp Wasewagan isn’t exactly a rugged, rustic wilderness experience, there is still plenty of room and opportunity to be among the forest of Southern California for communion and reflection.  Church Retreats at Camp Wasewagan are a comfortable experience filled with games and activities, cozy accommodation, and a friendly staff as well as a beautiful setting to take walks, hold group prayer and discussion, and take solo periods of reflection.  

Camp Wasewagan is an ideal location for a Church Retreat for many reasons.  Aside from the tranquil woods already mentioned, the camp is furnished with 13 heated cabins and can hold 2-22 guests each (with suites available upon request).  The large recreation hall is fully furnished with a beautiful fireplace, table games, and a wonderful atmosphere for fun and games as well as group discussions and study.  Groups are also welcome to use the Seton Lodge, complete with a rustic fireplace and couches… the ideal setting for small groups!  Activities that are included in Group Retreats are mountain biking, basketball, fishing (don’t forget your license), cornhole toss, ping-pong, and more.  Other activities are available for an additional fee such as a high ropes course, swimming (heated pool), and archery, among others.  

Visit our Group Retreats page for more information on how to book your next Church Retreat in Southern California!  From the trails and river to the cozy fire-side communion, your retreat with Camp Wasewagan will be an unforgettable experience.

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