Camp Weddings at Wasewagan

There are many different types of venues to choose from when planning a wedding. “What kind of wedding will it be?” is a question often asked by friends and family when they learn of the engagement. There are chapel weddings, beach weddings, outdoor weddings… the list can go on and on! There is a particular type of wedding that has become more popular in recent years which provides both a unique setting for the bride and groom to exchange vows as well as a full experience for all of the guests—the Camp Wedding!

When someone hears the word “wedding”, it can bring to mind images of ornate cathedrals, quant chapels, standing at the altar, or other “traditional” ceremonies. Maybe you are the type of person who wants something a little different? A Camp Wedding involves traveling to and convening in a specific location, usually a beautiful natural setting. Lodges and other established camp buildings can provide amenities for large numbers of guests because they usually host large groups each year through summer camp, group retreats, or other events. One of the best parts of a Camp Wedding is that guests will likely stay for one or more nights, meaning more time to visit with your friends and family making memories that will last!

Another one of the great things about having a Camp Wedding is that guests have the chance to participate in camp activities that wouldn’t likely be found at another type of wedding—archery, canoeing, visiting around the campfire, and many other outdoorsy pastimes. From mountain biking and fishing to air hockey and foosball, the sky is the limit for good fun and photo ops when traditional camp activities are involved!

When you choose Wasewagan on the River for your Camp Wedding, we take care of catering and have cabin space for up to 175 guests. Accommodations include space with couches and fireplace, providing a relaxing atmosphere for you and your guests to visit in. We also have space for a live band or DJ and a dance floor, so you and your party can dance beneath the night sky to celebrate this joyous occasion! Visit our Weddings page for more details on what it means to have a Camp Wedding at Wasewagan on the River!

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