Camp Wedding Season

Each year, couples begin the long and dreamy search for the perfect wedding venue. From ornate churches to quaint chapels, there are many traditional venues to choose from, and recently more people are choosing something different when planning their wedding ceremony:

Camp Weddings!

At first thought, one may hesitate at the idea of a Camp Wedding. “But what if it rains? Where will all of the guests stay? What will guests do for the remainder of their time at the location?” It’s true that there are many things to consider when you plan a Camp Wedding, but luckily for the wedding planner, Camp Wedding venues commonly offer a complete package that includes catering, lodging, and many other necessities for the ceremony! Keep in mind that camps accommodate multiple large groups of campers every summer, for weeks on end, and with a staff that knows customer service! With a setup like that, you can worry less about logistics and focus more attention on the ceremony.

Camps such as Wasewagan On The River in Southern California host Camp Weddings at various times throughout the year. One of the great things about a Camp Wedding is that guests all stay on-site, meaning more time to visit, have fun, and make memories! Another awesome feature is that there are many activities available to guests throughout their stay at the venue, such as mountain biking, fishing, cornhole toss, and more. As if that weren’t enough of a camp experience, guests will also get to have s’mores around a campfire beneath the stars! The opportunities for great times and lifelong memories await you at a Camp Wedding!

At Camp Wasewagan, we are currently featuring the weekend of September 17-19 at a discounted rate for your Camp Wedding, so give us a call for details and booking info!

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